4AllGreen is a Wholesaler in tree nurseries products. We grow buxus plants and ornamental fruits. We deliver Christmas trees, office plants (live pictures) and containers with plants as well. We are having a large-scale assortment of garden plants and tree’s for gardeners from our location at the Strengweg 34. We distinguish us in the market with the combination of customized solutions for our clients, quality and a good price.

Buxus plant

We grow the buxus plant on a large scale (250.000 pieces) in Hungary, Drenthe and Heemskerk (Holland). We also directly buy complete fields from the growers. We sell the buxus plants to our business partners as well as directly to retail shops. An important part is offered at the auction. Here, we also do the same for third parties. From the company itself, we sell to gardeners and private customers. We pot and cut the buxusplant (if desired) the form of the buxus on the good size.

Ornamental fruits

The ornamental fruits are grown in Hungary as well. We have a collaboration with other growers in the Netherlands, which makes it possible to offer a big assortment on a large scale.

Office plants and ‘’living paintings’’.

We deliver office plants included containers with plants. Our company is the agent of products as the Live Divider and the Live Picture. The products specifically distinguish themselves when a living painting and a living room divider is created with real plants. The system suggests when it needs water (once every five weeks). For the private customer, this living painting is a jewel for the living room. We deliver this product and install the product as well in company spaces or private customers.

 Christmas trees
The company delivers Nordmanniana, Picea Abies, Omorica and Picea Pungens of excellent quality, The size varies from 100 centimetres until 15 meters high, serrated, with clod or potted. These trees are coming from Sauerland instead of Denmark and because of this, the price can be set rather attractive. Our trees on a nice plank of birch are very unique, from 50 centimetres until 120 centimetres.

Direct sales

We are relatively new in the market for gardeners, as of the spring of 2015. This goes for a big assortment of garden plants and garden trees and our buxus plants as well. Our Taxus trees are famed. We have a big network of growers through which we can satisfy every kind of demand with good prices. We distinguish ourselves by a big network of large and small growers. The private customer is welcome as well. We offer a big stock in our showroom at the Strengweg in Heemskerk.



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