Bloemenkwekerij B. Verduin

My company already exists for generations. My grandfather started growing on this place, and his father before was also already a grower.

When I left school, I started a partnership with my father and after that, I slowly became the only owner of the company. He’s still working with me, though!

Before, we used to grow both vegetables and flowers. But after the closing of the auction house for vegetables nearby, we switched to 100 % flowers. This was mainly due to the lower margins for vegetables, caused by higher transportation costs.

We currently grow both in a glasshouse of 2500 m2 as well as outside, on 1,5 acres. We grow different kinds of seasonal flowers.

From January to May, we grow the Viburnum Opulus ‘Roseum’, the so called snowballs, a shrub which starts growing in the glasshouse, of which the branches are reaped and after that process, these branches are put outside, where they can grown new branches until the cycle starts over. There are plants which are re-used since 1990!

After this period, we start growing Hortensias in the glasshouse, as well as various summer flowers like th Craspedia and Amaranthus.

Outside on the field, in the summer we start reaping the Achillea, Hortensia Annabelle. In the autumn, we have various sorts of Amaranthuses.

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