The Firm Mientjes

The Firm Mientjes is located at Het Laantje 9 in Heemskerk. The company was founded in the 50’s by brothers Ben and Jaap Mientjes and is now in the hands of Ben’s son Gert-Jan and the wife of Gert-Jan, Brenda. The company started 60 years ago as a mixed company with the cultivation of vegetables and flowerbulbs, but now a days it is a bulb- and flower company.

We grow about 5 hectares on the fields around our house. We grow special flowerbulb crops like:

  • Fritillaria meleagris

We grow for the flowerproduction ass wel:

  • Allium Purple sensation
  • Allium Gladiator
  • Allium Statos
  • Crocosmia Emily Mckenzie
  • Crocosmia Fire King

The flowers of the Allums are harvested between the end of April and the half of June.

Besides the bulbs we also cultivate one hectare of fixed plants and that is the Agapanthus, this is a non-winter hard plant and must be covered in the winter against frost. From these plants we cut the flowers from the end of June till the beginning of September and we have work in the winter to dig up and tear the plants.

The following varieties of Agapanthus is grown:

  • Dr. Brouwer
  • Intermedius
  • Sunfield
  • Susan

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  • De Firma Mientjes


  • Het laantje 9 Heemskerk

  • 0610613921