Dirk van Lieshout nursery

I took over the company from my father in 1995. Together, we worked in the company, growing vegetables – mainly Lettuce, spinach and Carrots. Because our company was to small versus the growing vegetablemarket, we had to switch to flowers. A beautiful alternative!

After this switch, I tried to combine two types of Agapanthuses to breed a new sort. After years, my first Cultivar is a fact. Thanks to these efforts, I am now able to offer a wide range of beautiful, tall Agapanthuses in many colors, from June to late July.

The well drained sand grounds are ideal for growing and breeding my crops. At this moment, I grow Agapanthuses, Eremuruses and Peonies and some traditional crops on 4 acres of land, year round.

Amarylli’Bella Donna’, Amarcrinum, Alliums and Antirrhinum are grown as traditional crops. This division is important, to be able to divide the workload throughout the whole year.

To prevent diseases, I try to vary my crops. This is a nice way to reduce the use of chemicals.


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