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Fa Gebr Pletting

The company

Fa. Gebr. Pletting is a company which cultivates bulbs and flowers. The company is located in Heemskerk on the Voorweg 12. The owners are Jan, Ronald and Bart Pletting (Jan and Ronald as fifth, Bart as sixth generation). Jan and Ronald have taken over the company of their father Dirk and changed the cultivation plan from vegetables and bulbs to flowers and bulbs. In 1972, they moved from the old location in Beverwijk to the current location in Heemskerk. The company cultivates approximately ten hectares of special bulb- and flower crops.The company already exists for more than 100 years and that reinforced the legitimacy of the company only more. Every year is a new challenge to bring such a good and high quality product as possible on the market in these dynamic, constantly changing sector.


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Forcing of Muscari

Muscari (approximately two million) is forced for the cut flowers in the winter . There are collaborations with some operators whereby we can offer a wide range of Muscari’s. The period of supply is from the beginning of January until mid-April.

Al different kind of information could be found at www.muscari.pletting.nl. Information like background information, cultivation methods, product range and a wide range of inspiration!

Growing of flowers

More flowercrops are grown in the spring and summer months. The first Allium  ‘Purple Sensation’ is cut at the begin of June. These are available in the following month and a half. After that, the different Eremurus species are supplied.  Montbretia ‘Emily Mckenzie’ is cut and supplied from the begin of august untill the end of September. Quality and quantity are really important to us so for this reason we try to keep it as high and constant as possible.Period and quantities are depending on the season and the weather. Our products are available on the auction of Flora Holland, locations Aalsmeer and Rijnsburg. Our number of supplying is 529305.

Growing of flowerbulbs

Next to the cultivation of flowers, there is also another branch, the cultivation of the flowerbulbs. There are three hectares Muscari armeniacum grown on contract in Schagerbrug. Other grown varieties are Alliums ‘Atropurpureum’ and ‘Purple Sensation’, Crocosmia ‘Emily Mckenzie’, Scilla ‘Litardierei’, different varieties of Eremurus and Erythronium ‘Pagoda’

We are also connected with Summerflowers. With those organisations we hope to stimulate exporters, retailers, florists and consumers to work with our beautiful products on a local, national and maybe international level.

For questions and/or information, you can always visit, email (info@pletting.nl ) or contact us by phone.

Bart Pletting: +31 6 34557345, + 31 251 249426

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