Flowershow Heemskerk and Bloemenshow Heemskerk are organising a unique experience of the flower art and different flowers that Heemskerk has to offer at the Laurentiuschurch in Heemskerk. This event will take place from the 23rd until the 25th of September, 2016.

The Florists of Heemskerk always show lots of respect towards the growers of Heemskerk. The love of flowers origins from the nursery. Tight coöperation is therefore nearly always the result.. This has been proven a few times. For example the two big shows of Heemskerk 950 at chateau Marquette in the yea2014 and the show of Nerines at the Assumburg Castle in 2014.

The enthusiastic growers of are prepared to show their products on a unique location where local and regional people can enjoy the show. The committee of Bloemenshow Heemskerk was looking for a location and found the Laurentiuschurch in Heemskerk to be its location.

The Laurentiuschurch celebrates its anniversary of 125 year in the year 2016. This adds up with the idea to decorate this beautiful church with beautiful flowers. All florists in Heemskerk were approached and most of them were very enthusiastic. Together we will make a beautiful show!

The florists with their different styles and the special cooperation between them, will create a spectacular decoration of the church and make this celebration flowery and celebratory. This is all happening non-profit based, all the florists and volunteers are working voluntarily.

All kinds of help is welcome, we can use volunteers on several areas. We can use help with transport, filling vases with water, cutting the stems et cetera. The ladies of the church will help us with their advices. Other voluntary florists who want to help can sign on our Facebook page (

This event with music and flowers takes place from Friday 23rd of September until Sunday 25th of September. Different choirs will perform and there will be an official start on Friday evening with speaker and lead figure Piet Diemeer. There will be a religious worship with choirs on Saturday evening and Sunday morning.

For more information and trading hours, check the Facebookpage of Bloemenshow Heemskerk: