A unique horticultural area is settled between the Dunes of Heemskerk on the sandy soils. Unique because of her great history, diversity on products and high quality of products.
Flowers from Heemskerk are famous all over the world. Lilies in Moscow, Tulips in New York, Nerine in Tokyo and Orchids in London… Flowers from Heemskerk, they are everywhere!

We want to inform you a little bit more by this website about this horticultural area.

About us
34 growers of horticultural products around Heemskerk are combining their forces in what is called ’Uitheemskerk.nl’. The growers are trying enhance the image of the area. We will introduce you to (among others) the growers, different products and our Facebook page on this website. Just leave a message or a picture behind on our Facebook page of ‘Uiheemskerk.nl’.

– More than 60 agricultural companies
– 129 hectares of horticulture
– 24 hectares of greenhouses
– More than 50 different crops
– 1000 to 1500 people who are working in the area
– Nickname: ‘Kitchengarden of Amsterdam’
– Famous because of the good quality, niche products and rolling greenhouses

The Dutch organisation of horticultural and arable farming (LTO) of Heemskerk and surroundings had a meeting about the development of a new vison of the area. The idea of ‘Uitheemskerk.nl’ is born on this evening. A few growers had the idea to promote this area more because it is famous for its quality and diversity on horticultural products. This promotion started with a design of a trailer with text of ‘Uitheemskerk.nl’, names of the growers and a few typical products form Heemskerk. The truck is presented thanks to our partners at February of 2015.

There is not really known what is grown in the horticultural area of Heemskerk. This initiative is meant to focus more publicity on Heemskerk so that the growers and the products are better to be recognized and found for all our target groups. We hope to get you more familiar and interested in wat we grow, what we do and why we are doing this.

We think it is important to give more view to exporters, retail, florists and consumers about what we grow and who is responsible for all these products.

Do you have any questions, feedback or suggestions? Please let us know by sending us an email (info@uitheemskerk.nl) or reaching one of the growers. They will help you further. It is always possible to ask us a question on our Facebook timeline or send us a personal message on Facebook.