Tuinbouwbedrijf H.G.J. Verduin

Nursery H.G.J. (Harrie) Verduin exists for nearly 35 years. On one acre at the Voorweg in Heemskerk, decorative products are grown – both outside as in glasshouses.

Over the years, after various vegetable- flower and plant-crops, we now specialize in two products: Alchemillia (a flower) and Astilbe (a pot plant). Both plants grow to become the source for the new plant next year.

Together with the production and sales in Aalsmeer, Harrie breed the Astilbe. Searching for better, bigger, smaller, healthier and Astilbes in more colors, it gained Harrie tens of new sorts (cultivars).

Cultivars with names like Rock&Roll, Drum&Bass, Country&Western, Diamonds&Pearls, Alive&Kicking, Surprise Party and Beach Party are now sold worldwide. The breeding is an extra challenge which makes the flower growing a great profession!

  • Tuinbouwbedrijf H.G.J. Verduin


  • Voorweg 16, Heemskerk

  • 06-80088090