VOF Bakkum

The Bakkum Company consists of the brothers Nico and Marcel Bakkum and their families. Since 2004, they are located at the Wentweg in Heemskerkerduin.

With the biggest care and passion, they grow various types of flowers. From January to April they grow tulips, from April to June, they grow Matthiola’s. Than, from July to September they grow Lilies, to end the year with the most beautiful disbudded Chrysanthemum. The products are sold via the Royal FloraHolland Auction Houses.


The tulips are grown on wooden breadboxes in the best potting soil. This way, we prevent diseases and fungi’s to appear, and we’re able to grow top quality, heavy tulips.


Matthiola Incana Figaro Lavender, Light Rose and Debora are some of the magical sorts and colors Matthiola’s that we grow.


Grown outside, Lilies from Heemskerk are of exceptional quality. The branches are very solid and the colors intense. We are proud to say we’re able to present a truly special assortment every year. Among others, we grow the Orientals and OT’s.

Disbudded Chrysanthemum

The glasshouse is filled with the most beautiful disbud chrysanthemum, lik the Tom Pearce, Gilbert Light Purper, Astro and Brandy Red. These sorts bring lots of color and happiness to houses in mid-autumn. The Chrysant is a nobel flower, which stands for loyalty, honesty and friendship.

In the showroom, we show all our fantastic flowers and assortments. With these fabulous creations, we will show you the possibilities of the flowers. For an impression, follow us on Twitter (@VOFBakkum) and Facebook (VOF Bakkum Heemskerk).

  • VOF Bakkum

  • bakkumlely@casema.nl

  • Creutzberglaan 2B, Beverwijk

  • 06-51845453