Vof M.N. Stengs & N Stengs-Pul

VOF Stengs has a long history. The company was already active before 1900. In 1990, Marco Stengs, together with his wife Natascha, traditionally took over the company from his father.

After years of growing vegetables, the company aimed on the growing of flowers in the early 90’s.

The assortment consists of tulips (December – March), after which a diverse and varying assortment of summer lowers is grown. Some sorts are steadily grown: the Scilla, Astilbe and Asclepia. From half August, also Lilies are grown.

The company tries to distinguish itself by growing new and heavy-quality races.

For more information, you can reach us via +31 612637497 and on Facebook: VOF Stengs or Marco Stengs.

  • Vof M.N. Stengs & N Stengs-Pul

  • ms.tuinder@online.nl

  • Kleine houtweg 45, Heemskerk

  • 06-12637497