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Bloemenkwekerij A&L Duin

Bloemenkwekerij A&L Duin is located in the horticultural area of Heemskerk.
A & L Duin is a quality flowerbulb nursery, which is focussing on cultivating exclusive lily’s and tulips flowers.
The nursery is a real family business that consists of four brothers and two sons.
The history of the company goes back for three generations, even before 1900. Because of those experience, the nursery has a big knowhow concerning flowerbulbs. The brothers aren’t about quantity but they are about the quality.

All our products goes to the FloraHolladn acution in Aalsmeer.
During the cultivating process we make sure that the plants get enough space and light so that they can come to full growth. This is noticeable in the hardness of the stalk, the colour intensity of the flower and a sturdy green leaf. This helps the shelf life and the appearance of possibly your flowers. The cultivating process of the lily is mostly done in the summer and the cultivating process of the tulip in the winter.

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  • Bloemenkwekerij A&L Duin


  • Oudendijk 9 1969ML Heemskerk

  • 0251-231177