CM van Duivenvoorde – engels

CM van Duivenvoorde is a bulb nursery specialized in tulip and lily.

C.M. van Duivenvoorde is a family business of father Kees and his two sons Tom and Jacco. The history of the company goes a few generations back till 1900. The main goal of the company is to get top quality flowers. The company itself doesn’t produce large quantities and the processing can be done by father and the sons themselves. The products are available on the FloraHolland acution. Tulips will be grown in the winter in rolling greenhouses. The rolling greenhouse and tulips in soil takes care of a really good product quality. By cultivating in the full ground the vase life of the flowers is longer. The season of tulips is from the beginning of January till the end of April. Lillies are grown in the field protected by nets in the summer period. This way the flowers will be protected from full sunlight and against wind and hail. We can deliver a longer time on the auction because of the greenhouses, we start earlier and end later.This way lilies can be harvested from the beginning of June till the end of October.

  • CM van Duivenvoorde

  • Hondsbosseweg 14 1969 MA Heemskerk