Cooperflowers – engels

Cooperflowers is a company of the brothers Ge and Dirk Koper and is located in the horticultural area of Heemskerk in the northern part of Holland.
Dirk Koper start with the company with vegetables in the 1992. Vegetables was a important and popular product of the area. Ge Koper joined the company after several years.

The company switched slowly from vegetables to orticultural products becaus eof the low profits and the pressure on the vegetables and the acution of the vegetables moved to a city what lays further away.

The company had a lot of flowers at the beginning, but quite soon we planted our first lilies outside and that was such a succes that we decide to do more of the lilies. We grow about two-and-half till three hectares of lillies from the field in the summer period. Besides that we have 3000 square meter of greenhouse were we can grow lilies during spring and autumn.

We only grow Oriental and OT lilies in the higher quality segment and also try to participate in the new lilie varieties.
The outside lilies are all under nets, to protect them against the different weather conditions (insolation and hail). This will benefit the quality and the lilies will get more length.

We have a good climate and always a bit of wind because Heemskerk is located at the coast what benefits the quality of the lilies. We used to grow flowerbulbs-on-pot (like Hyacinths, Daffodils and grape hyacinths) in the witner period. Recently we stopped with flowerbulb-on-pot and started with growing of tulips. We are still finding our way in this, but we want to go for the better quality.



  • Oudendijk 15a, 1969 MN Heemskerk