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De Tuintjes

The brother Johan and Sjaak Beentjes grow tulips, astilbe and trachelium in greenhouses of 6500 square meter. We took the vegetable company when our facther died at young age, in the year 1978.

We switched from the vegetables to the flowers in 1983 and therefore we built greenhouses where we grow the flowers. We are doing this together with our mother who still helps us sometimes with the flowers.

We started with the cultivations of dianthus, tulips, freesias and lisianthus. Now we have been cultivating tulips in the winter in the full ground, in the spring astilbe and in the summer trachelium for 15 years. Because the tulips are still cultivated in the full soil the quality is very good and this is appreciated by the consumer.

Trachelium is only cultivated by specialised companies in Holland. Because our greenhouses are older we only cultivate crops that don’t use a lot of energy, but that still delivers a top products.
The use of pesticides is minimal because we disinfect by steaming the soil.
We achieve to produce a beautiful product with a reduction of pollution.

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