De Wit Nerine – engels

De Wit Nerine, Nerine since 1970

The family de Wit cultivates Nerine since 1970. In the early years the family cultivated in rolling greenhouses and the cultivation of Tulips, Carnations, Nerines and leafy vegetables were interspersed through the seasons. In 1979 the company moved from Beverwijk to Heemskerk were the greenhouses were being built on a solid foundation. Through the years Fa. P.J.L. de With & Son has specialized in a diverse and rich assortment of Nerines, which are in good quality throughout the whole year. The Nerines are grown with passion by Robbert and his wife Corrie. And besides that the company has changed its name this year and is now known as De Wit Nerine.

Every season a nice bouquet of Nerines.

‘I have been cultivation Nerines with please for 27 years, together with my wife Corrie. My father Piet is also still active within the company. What fascinates me the most is the beauty of the Nerine and sometimes the unpredictable whims of the crop. They keep challenging me to come to a constant production of a beautiful bouquet of Nerines, every season. The flower business is dynamic and never bores me. To meet fun clients and co-works and make them enthusiastic for the Nerine, give me the power to keep growing as professional, with the best help of my team.’


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