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Fa. J. Doodeman

Fa J. Doodeman is a bulb nursery specialised in extraordinary bulbous plants. We deliver bulbs to the wholesale business internal and abroad. Our company was founded in 1925 by my grandfather Jan Doodeman, who started cultivating strawberries and other full ground vegetables in Beverwijk. From 1959 our company is located in Heemskerk, where father Gerrit took over the company and expanded. From then on they devoted themselves on ‘bijgoed’ this is the cultivation of extraordinary bulbous plants. At this moment we (John, son Rick and employees) cultivate a wide assortment. With this we try to define ourselves on the market.
Our assortment exists of:

– Spring flowering –

    • Scilla Mischtschenkoana
    • Fritillaria Persica
    • Oxalis Adenopylla
    • Allium Caeruleum en Karataviense

-summer flowering –

    • Ixia in the kinds; Mabel, Giant and Yellow Emperor
    • Begonia Bertinii
    • Crinum Powelli
    • Hymenocallis Festalis Zwanenburg

-autumn flowering –

    • Colchicum Waterlily

Our crops are cultivated and delivered with the biggest amount of care possible. On our relatively small company we can give extra attention to our product. On daily basis we are busy to produce a decent, honest and qualitative high product for our consumers.

  • Fa. J. Doodeman

  • Hondsbosseweg 9, 1969 MA Heemskerk