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Firma van Roon

This company is now in the hands of the third generation van Roon. Our company exist for decennia long. Grandfather Jan van Roon was the founder of our company. He was a very progressive man. He was the first on the area of Heemskerk that built a rolling greenhouse. A greenhouse that a lot of growers still use. He was also the inventor of the Nerine cultivation in Heemskerk. This is where the Nerine Bowdeni ‘Ras van Roon’ has come from, Jan van Roon was the breeder of this Nerine. Worldwide known by it’s fresh, graceful appearance and long shelf life.

We, Hans and Sonja van Roon, still cultivate Nerine Bowdeni ‘Ras van Roon’. Other kinds of Nerine that we cultivate are Nerine Bianca Perla and Nerine Albivetta.

We have these cultivation mostly in Autumn.

In Spring we cultivate all kinds of exclusive tulips on the full soil. This happens from January till half of April, like Matchmaker and Flaming Prominence.
From May till September we cultivate different kinds of summerflowers, i.e. Lysimachia and Agapanthus and different kinds of lilies.
Our company is small. Quality is above quantity. We strive to bring products with the highest quality to the auction.

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