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Floricultura is the specialist in refining, selecting and multiplying orchids. Through the yearly sale of worldwide tens of million young orchid plants is the company market leader in source material.

As provider of source material Floricultura distinguishes itself by the size of the production and also through the broad assortment of fourteen different orchid sexes. Floricultura is a family business with characteristic flat organisation structure and informal manners. Besides a good work environment this approachable company structure provides a good contact with the work floor and a good exchange of knowledge and experience between employees.

The motor behind the success of Floricultura as a production company is the prominent role it assigns to research. This research is performed internally and when possible the research results and new technologies are being used to improve the quality of the orchids and the way of production of the orchids. The policy of Floricultura is also focussed on the lasting relationships with its customers. The foundation of this lasting cooperation Floricultura creates by supplying topquality orchids. Besides the quality of the product Floricultura also values transparency and sharing knowledge. Cultivators get the chance to look in the greenhouses at Floricultura and see how there plants are looking. After delivering there is a solid cultivation support at location.


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