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Gebr de Groot en zn

Gebroeders de Groot is a nursery that is founded by grandfather E. de Groot in 1936.

It started with cultivating different vegetables and fruits with as main cultivation strawberries. The company was located at the Hoogdorperweg in Heemskerk. Quite fast the cultivation was expanded with crocus bulbs and tulip bulbs.

In 1954 son C. de Groot started with a fulltime job in the company.

In 1958 the company moved to the Wentweg 11 in Heemskerk.

The cultivation of vegetables and strawberries continued and also the bulb cultivation remained.
In 1960 the first rolling greenhouses were built, this way they could concentrate on cultivating anemones, irises, chrysantiums etc.

Quickly the expansion followed, more greenhouses were built and there were roses being cultivated. Because of this the company got name recognition on the auction.

In 1967 the other son J. de Groot came in to the company.

That was how Gebr. (Brothers) De Groot was created.

After 20 years there came an end to the cultivation of roses and the company concentrated on the cultivation of chrysantium, dianthuses, tulips and lilies and besides that also still the flowerbulb cultivation. The flowerbulb cultivation stopped in 1990 when the auction in Beverwijk was shut down. The cultivation was expanded with lilies and eremurussen. Marcel de Groot (son of C. de Groot) came in the company in 1990. Later, in 2003, also Jerry de Groot (son of J. de Groot) came into the company. (Used to work on all kinds of auctions as distributor and buyer).

Until now Gebr. De Groot has grown to a healthy company with top quality in a high banner.
Every year we strive for the best quality in the exclusive assortment in tulips, lilies and eremurusses.

  • Gebr de Groot en zn

  • Wentweg 11, 1969 MZ Heemskerk