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Kwekerij J.C.M. Beentjes

Kwekerij J.C.M. Beentjes is located at the dune area in Heemskerk, since 1972. This was because of a movement of fields. In those days vegetables was the main cultivation and as time passed we switched to flowers and flowerbulbs. In 1977 Jos joined in the company of his father. Since 1996 he leads the flower nursery and breeding together with his wife Annet.

In the winter we grow the exclusive tulips cultivars that are suited for the full soil, namely in the rolling greenhouses. The season of the tulips is from the beginning of January till the end of April. Besides those we also grow in the winter an exclusive bulb crop named Fritillaria Persica, this kind we grow from the beginning of February till half May. In the Summer we cultivate for the bulbproduction colchicums, Fritillaria Persica and some tulip kinds for growing in winter, that are cultivated on clay.

In Summer and Autumn we grow lilies for the flower, namely Orientals like Casa Blanca, Pink Mystery and Willeke Alberti. All these kinds are cultivated under halls so the flowers are protected and in the full soil. These halls what protect the flowers create an excellent quality.

We also breed exclusive tulips cultivars. We breed on firmness, leaf colour, length and well growing bulbs, that are suited for the flower production. Namely cultivars that have an added value. We have a tulip on our own name, it is named Suzy Q. Also we will come with a new tulips cultivar on the auction the year named ‘Molina’. All our products are offered at the auction FloraHolland.
Momentarily we have in our assortment:


    • Flaming Prominence
    • Adore
    • Bolroyal Pink
    • Suzy Q
    • Molina
    • Fritillaria Persica

From June:

    • Lilies Oriental
    • Casa Blanca
    • Willeke Alberti
    • Pink Mystery
    • Aconitum Aconitum napellus

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  • Cieweg 19, 1969 MS Heemskerk

  • 06-28463765