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In our family business the fourth generation of the Sinnige family leads the company.
I (Guus Sinnige) am the owner since 2015. The years before the company belonged to my parents Peter and Gerda Sinnige. We have a nursery with different cutflowers, a small company, that puts quality before quantity.

Cultivation plan

We grow in the winter and in the spring tulips in the full soil on our rolling greenhouses. Tulips out of the full ground are guaranteed to have the best quality and the longest vase life. Our assortment tulips consists of new and traditional varieties.

After the tulip season, starts the season of the Astilbe, this is in May and June. The varieties that we cultivate are Astilbe Washington and Astilbe Europa. In this period we also grow Agapanthus Dr. Brouwer on pot. We have these in pot sizes 19, 23 and 26 cm. In ornamental pots and in standard pots as well.

Since 2015 we have different varietiesof peonies, we cultivate these for the flower.

In the summer we cultivate Agapanthus for the flower.

In autumn we harvest Nerine ‘Ras van Roon’ and we plant the tulip bulbs for the new season.


At Kwekerij Klein Canada we switched from steaming to ‘flood’ since 2013.

Flood means flooding a parcel for a longer time. This fights against the diseases in the soil, plagues, weeds and storage of plant remains. Without damaging the environment!

Private sale

From January until April we sell tulips from our flower stall on the Rijksstraatweg.

In March and Arpil we also sell Viola. These Viola’s are from the full ground. These are planted outside in September and harvested in March and April. These Viola are protected and ready against to all weather conditions, even frost. We sell Viola in all colours, mixed or on colour.
In May we sell peonies in different colours.

For more information and actualities, follow us on twitter (@KleinCanada) and on facebook: Klein Canada.


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