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Kwekerij Sap

Kwekerij SAP, a nursery garden, in Heemskerk is specialized in summer flowerings and bedding plants. In the month December you can come to us for your Christmas tree.

Have a little taste of what we can offer you. For the sale of our products we are bound by the seasons. So before you visit us, please check our opening hours on our website. For all your questions or other information you might wish to receive you can click on the contact button for our contact information.

When you are the proud owner of a caravan you can also contact us regarding parking your caravan (check the website). For now we hope you have a lot of fun while looking at our website (don’t forget the tips) and we hope to greet you soon in one of our greenhouses.

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You will be kept up-to-date about the latest developments regarding our plants. Off course you can also post a lovely picture of your garden.


  • Kwekerij Sap


  • Noorddorperweg 12b

  • 0251-234 984