L.Langendijk – engels


Langendijk is a flower nursery at the Creutzberglaan 43 in Beverwijk, owned by Leo Langendijk.

Since 2009 I took over the company from my parents. However, they can’t keep still and they still help in the company on a daily basis.

The nursery is about 1,5 hectares big, with 4,000 square meter of solid greenhouse. The cultivation plan exists momentarily of lathyrus, symporicarpos and skimmia as a cuttingflower.

Our mission is cultivating season flowers of top quality. All flowers are sold through the Royal FloraHolland auction clock in Rijnsburg. We strive to a sustainable production method and the use of as much organic manure and biological crop protection means possible. We also use energy carefully, for example we have placed sun panels on the roof. We don’t only want to cultivate and harvest the best flowers. Eventually the consumer, but before that also the trade and the florist, has to be satisfied with our flowers.

  • L. Langendijk

  • Creutzberglaan 43, Beverwijk