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M.M. Duin Bearflowers
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More than a 100 years ago the foundation was set for what is now a blooming family business. Our great-grandfather was a grower with a respected knowledge of flowers and bulb cultivation and through the generations we are still building on this knowledge.

That centuries old knowledge translates now into high quality products. We strive with passion to the highest flower quality. That is the reason why we only cultivate tulips of the full ground and choose for outside cultivated lilies for the best quality.

Our flowers are famous around the world. Tulips from Amsterdam to Moscow, Nerine in Japan and Paris, Lilies in China and America…. They travel from the Netherlands all over the world.

Our flower assortment:

    • Tulips, traditionally cultivated in the full ground
    • Lilies
    • Peonies
    • Alliums
    • Nerine

Our bulb assortment:

Special bulbous plants, including Colchicum, Cammassia, different kinds of Hyacinthoide, Engelish Iris en Allium.

No massproduction, but a bouquet of flowers with a passion and a longer vase life! More intense colours, more intense green! Available from Amsterdam to New York, always ‘strong as a bear’ top quality. Recognisable by our blue bear logo!

When you ask for bear flowers, you ask for extra quality!
M.M. Duin: more than a 100 years a bulb family!

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