Nerinekwekerij Bas van Keulen – engels

Nerinekwekerij Bas van Keulen.

As the name implies, Nerinekwekerij Bas van Keulen, is a company what is active in cultivating Nerines and try to deliver them all year round, we deliver flowers and the bulbs.

Besides that am I also active with the breeding of the Nerine to ensure new cultivars in the Nerine business. Through this breeding we can offer a broad and exclusive selection of Nerines to my buyers at different auction in the Netherlands. Besides cultivating Nerines there is also space within the company to cultivate Lysimachia inside and outside and the cultivation of the Astilbe.

  • Nerinekwekerij Bas van Keulen


  • cieweg 8, Heemskerk

  • 0615365954