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Q.P. de Ruyter

We are a family business founded by my father in 1964.
From a young age I have been working in the company and later I took it over from my father piece bij piece, together with my wife Astrid.

Originally the company was primarily for growing vegetables, but since 2000 we have completely switched to flowers. Our flowers are being cultivated in four rolling greenhouses and besides that some flowers outside. Our main product is nerine, we have them in three different colors. In pink, white and salmon, this are the the different species of Ras van Roon, Bianca perla and Sofie. In the winter we grow some Tulips in full soil, in our rolling greenhouses.

In May and June we also have Campanula glommaretta.

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  • Oudendijk 19, 1969 MN Heemskerk

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